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The appearance of angels

Assalam oalaikum,
Angels are winged-creatures of Allah ta’ala. This is mentioned in the Holy Quran, Fatir -chapter#35, verse#1.

All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the (only) Originator [or the (Only) Creator] of the heavens and the earth, Who made the angels messengers with wings, two or three or four. He increases in creation what He wills. Verily, Allah is Able to do all things.

Allah has described Jibreel (AS):
"He [the Prophet] has been taught by the one Mighty in Power, Dhoo Mirrah, i.e. one who is free from any defect in body and mind and then he rose and became stable." [al-Najm 53:5-6]. Ibn ‘Abbaas has explained that: "‘Dhoo Mirrah means that he has a beautiful appearance." Qutaadah said: "He is tall and beautiful. This is ample proof about the beauty and flawless appearance of the angels.
Now the question arises that how do the angels appear before those who can see them?
Well, I have seen them in the semblance of Buzurgs, i.e in white attire, with a beard and long tresses. Thus, angels make an appearance before people as males. This has been mentioned in the Quran, Maryam-chapter#19, verse #17.

She placed a screen (to screen herself) from them; then We sent to her Our Ruh [angel Jibril (Gabriel)], and he appeared before her in the form of a man in all respects.

Allah tala says in surah anaam chaptor no 6 verse no 9

And had We appointed him an angel, We indeed would have made him a man, and We would have certainly confused them in which they are already confused (i.e. the Message of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم).

There is a hadith too that shows that the angels appear in the form of a male:
Narrated Hazrat Aisha (r.a), the mother of the faithful believers, Al- Harith bin Hisham asked Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w), “Oh Allah’s apostle! How is the divine inspiration revealed to you? To which Huzur (s.a.w) replied, “Sometimes it is revealed like the ringing of the bell. This form of inspiration is the hardest of all and then this state passes off after I have grasped what is inspired. Sometimes the angels come in the form of a man and talks to me and I grasp whatever he says.

Here is a Video of  Angel appearance 

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