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Friday, January 6, 2012

abstinence Jalali, Jamali or Mushtarik

Assalam oalaikum,
In this post I shall discuss these different types of abstinence that are an integral part of amalyat.
An amil starts abstaining from doing certain things before starting the Amal Jalali. If an amil commits a single mistake during this type of amal then the jalali moakils can give him severe punishment. They can even kill him because their characteristic fire element (shola mizaj). In moakilaat amilyat and azmiyat, abstinence is indispensable for an amil to protect his life.
For ex: If an amil starts performing an amal in a foul-smelling place then the moakils may get enraged. They can punish the amil, (rajat ) by driving the amil insane.
Here is the list of things that should be strictly avoided during amals:
Foods such as fish, meat, eggs, garlic, onions, honey, vinegar, radish, asafoetida, dried dates, dry fruits, betel leaf, sesame oil and niswar.
Tobacco products such as gutka, cigarette, hookah and bidi
All types of addictive drugs such as cocaine, marijuana etc.
Use of leather products and even touching them.
Drink water from a river only.
Fabrics made from animals, such as nylon, silk etc.
Wearing shoes and socks.
Cutting of nails
Avoid sexual intercourse.
Lying down on any stranger’s bed.
Meeting people. The amil should prefer seclusion
Maintain the state of ablution (wadhu).
If one can keep a roza then do so.
Take a bath daily
Wear unstitched clothes
Avoid bleeding from any part of the body.
Do not pluck fruits from any tree.
Do not cut hair from any part of the body besides the armpits and the private parts.
Do not ride an elephant and horses.

Parhez (abstinence) jamaali is not as strict as parhez jalaali, mainly because the angel moakils of the former are gentle. They do not punish the amils severely, at the slightest excuse, and do not kill them either. They do not drive them insane through rajat as well.
Here are the things that one needs to abstain from while doing parhez jamaali:
Meat, fish, garlic, onions and vinegar, yogurt and sweetmeats.
Sexual intercourse
Use mustard oil only if it is completely pure and unadulterated.

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Anonymous said...

What does rajat mean?

Anonymous said...

I have a question ?

Anonymous said...

Is abstinence from sexual intercourse just during chilla or Amal I was told it is for life if you have mowakkil then no marriage as they are very jealous !? Is this true

Anonymous said...


just saw you post regarding the ilmo khodam/muwakill.

im interested in learning this and would like to have a course.

plz get back to me as soon as you get this


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