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Friday, January 6, 2012

seeking help from the Surah Baqarah mokil

Assalam oalaikum,
The moakil of Surah Baqarah is Zamreal. I am posting another easy amal by which a person can have his legitimate desires fulfilled with the help of this moakil.
Like the amal of Surah Fateha, this amal is also completely free from any risk and does not require any sort of abstinence.
The same procedure is followed for this amal as for Surah Fateha amal,i.e.-
Start sleeping in a separate room on a clean bed after performing wazu.
Light an incense stick
Play this recording on your mobile, MP3 player etc throughout the night in an auto-repeat mode.
The volume should be low yet audible.
Stop the recording on waking up in the morning.
The duration of this amal is from 4-40 days.
As the days pass by, the moakils of this amal become familiar with the amil and they start appearing in the amil’s dreams.

Download Surah Baqarah moakil recording from here:

For the remaining guidelines click on this link surah fateha mokils

Amel soname contact

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Anonymous said...

assalamalaikum! thanks for information! jazakaalahu khairan!

Anonymous said...

Assalamualakum , I am from south africa and have done a few muwakil readings , including one from surah ikhlas . I have communicated to the mowkels with means of a tasbee , I would like to know if this is a correct way and also would like your help and guidance so that I may go forward and help others as my grandfather has passed away and he was the one teaching me . Also with surah iklas I want to know if you have the arabic writing of it as I am afraid that I may be not pronouncing it correctly?

I await your response inshallah.

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