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Friday, January 6, 2012

getting help from the moakils governing different Surahs

Assalam oalaikum,
Here are a set of recordings of various Surahs from Quran Paak. The moakils of these surahs can be helpful in getting the legitimate wishes granted, by the will of Allah.
The recordings can be downloaded from these links:

download surah al anfal mokel recitationsurah al anfal mokel recitation.mp3

download surah al araf mowakkil recitation
surah al araf mokel recitation.mp3

download surah at tauba mowakkil recitationsurah tauba mokel recitation.mp3

download surah yonus mowakkil recitationsurah yonus mokel recitation.mp3download surah hood mokel recitation
surah hood mokel recitation.mp3
download surah yosuf mowakkil recitationsurah yusuf mokel recitation.mp3
For the rest of the information about the procedure of doing these amals, you can download this link:surah fateha mokils

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rais said...

Salam Amil Sahab,
I am contacting you regarding problems with my marriage and health, I have read your blogs regarding Muakkils and wazifas.
I had a small operation of the nose due to which the shape of the nose has changed and also I have a little pain in the nose. I believe the Muakkils are extremely powerful and capable of doing any worldly or spiritual task and they posses healing powers, can you please help me in this matter, can I get the help of Muakkils in this regard, or suggest a wazifa from which I can get help from the Muakkils, I will send you more details if required awaiting your positive feedback.

Allah Hafiz

Anonymous said...

Salaam amel soname pleas can u give me jamali amal that i can say for
40 days so i can get a jamali moakkilat

Anonymous said...

hello sir
i hd read your blog dt was realy nice. can u suggest me smthing related to dt divine powers
waiting for your kind reply

Anonymous said...

So muakkils, I read about these on your site, these are angels according to you right brother? I ask because I have read some people say their jinns, and some say they are another creature entirely.

I have been doing a zikr for various intentions, one of which was to see an angel and to have communications with it. I started this more then a year ago but I do not do it regularly, sometimes I do it a lot, soemtimes a little, sometimes I wont do it for weeks or months, etc, I think you get the idea. but several months ago my mom started having dreams about 2 people dressed in all black harming her and trying to kill her, even when she woke up she would be scared, she had these dreams a lot, then near the end before the dreams stopped, she said she saw her Mom (who is long passed away) and her mom told my mom that she will be safe or something like that, and also the last couple dreams or so my mom said she was laughing at those people bcuz they were having problems, I think they were being hurt or something, and when my Mom was asleep we would even see her smiling and laughing, but this was only a few of the last times she had those dreams that she was happy, all the other times the dreams were very frightening she said and also she wud be very worried when she was asleep, we wud see her face, then we wud wake her up. Im positive this was related to my zikr, because at times when I would not do the zikr for a while, she wud stop having dreams, and around the times I started, she wud start the dreams again. I nvr told my family, they wud get mad, they still dont know. Allahu Alam. Also, this is interesting, the last couple dreams or so she had, she said their was a lady that was with the two men trying to hurt her. This is interesting, bcuz this makes three people total, I have read on forums that surah al Ikhlas has three muakkils, which is the surah I was doing zikr for. Theirs more details abt her dreams, but I cant remember now, and I think you get the main point of what I am saying. Also, I live in a home right next to the home my Mother lives in, and I do the zikr in my home always, just saying in case it matters. So what do u make of all this brother?

Now, the reason Istarted this zikr is because many yrs ago I spoke to this lady on the phone and she said she used to receite surahs a lot when she was young and she still does, she said after a while u will see a old man come to u, but that u shudnt be scared and shud say ayat Al Kursi until u calm down, I assume now this was a muakkil or angel right? At that time I was interested in this thing called Qasida, or u may know it as chilla, and I wanted it so I get a jinn and I can make money and get other worldly desires, but I since have changed. I will be honest, I do still want wordly things from the zikr, but I will discuss this shortly. So then a yr or two ago I remembered what that sister said and thought I will do zikr of a surah until I see soemthing, I just wanted peace, i have lots of anxiety and worry at times but now when I thnk of getting muakkils and doing lots of zikr, which I dont do yet, I feel I will eventually, insha Allah soon, get peace. I felt if I can see an angel then I will be so peaceful and wont worry abt dunya much or at all. Then around that time I decided this I posted something on a forum and a brother from paki answered and we got to talking, and it was interesting, I asked him how I can get rich or make my duas come true, or both, I dont remmeber, but he said recite surah al Ikhlas a lot, this made me rly happy, bcuz I had recently at that time already planned to recite it a lot bcuz of the talk I had with that sister yrs before about seeing an angel. So I want to also ask, is it bad that I want to get muakkils also for dunya desires? The brother was saying if u do zikr u get ur duas come true, etc, he was saying stuff similar to this, and I believe it, bczu if Allah makes ppl duas come true, certainly someone who does lots of zikr will get theirs even faster insha Allah.

Anonymous said...

One thing I always feared and have waswas abt, not anymore, but a little I still have it, is I fear my intention is bad and so Allah wont let me see muakkils or make my duas come true. I know this is either shaytan, or the muakkils are trying to make me stop right? Brother, Im sure u know this stuff, but I shud tell u, I used to have rly bad waswas, like cleaning, I used to be WAY too clean, and I think I still am, but I hated it then, insha Alalh it never gets that bad again.


Anonymous said...

I want from zikr, and muakkils, etc, is I want to never worry, I want to always be happy and calm, whether I am a begger or a billionaire, I want to be content in my heart, this is actually I wud say one of the main, if not the main, thing that drives me to get close to Allah Ta'ala, I want to not worry abt anything, and I want to not fear anything, I want to laugh and smile at the most scary thing, like if a human saw shaytan or dajjal I think their heart wud stop immediately, or if they saw hell, but I want to be a way that I never worry, even if I saw shaytan, dajjal and hell altogether I want to just laugh and smile and enjoy it like a film, without worrying.


Anonymous said...

Easy ritual please

Anonymous said...

Salam bro could you plz tell me how meny time I have to read haroof noorani for the mohkal and how will I know that the mohkal have come to me jazak Allah bro Dua main yaad rakhna

Anonymous said...

Sir i want to do amal so that i can seek help from mokel i have problem related money so i want to get my financial condition good

Anonymous said...

Salam Hazoor,
i recited sura e yasin from last 2 years , and there are two moakel of this sura, i interact with them many times through a child, but a third person which was my guide is using these moakals,
please tell me the ways how these can be released from my spiritual guide,
my moakals says that there is some restriction from my guide,
awaiting you for your kind reply

Abdul Gaffar said...

i am 27 yr old man.
my name is abdul gaffar working in pvt. ltd. company.
See people are reading my thinking ,bcoz before 2 yrs i was suffering from evil thoughts & also the angerness and junoon was always in my mind.
so therefore my neighbours and my relatives were reading my thinking to protect themselves from harmness. Now before 3 months i have done the course of family doctor and also taken medical help from psychartist.
and also reading daroode shifa from 3 months for getting leave from evil thoughts about tha people. Now i am become absolutely normal person and therefore my neighbours & relative members becomes Ok with me.
So, i only want wazifa for getting leave from all these thought readers to become 100% normal.

Saurabh said...

Hi Amel,

I read your blog and it is really helpful, I'm not muslim but I'm fascinated by moakils and I was asking for help from one hazrat ji to teach me how to receive help from a moakil. He said he will teach me but it can be dangerous also and he kept saying he will give me a safe moakil which will not harm me. After reading about diff. moakils in your blog now I have a little idea about what did he mean by a safe moakil.

Thank you

Anonymous said...


I have gone through your muwakkil angel blog. Thank you so much for addressing all the issues with resolutions. May Allah bless you!

My name is Ali - I wanted to do a WIRD/AMAL of Ayatul Kursi to get help from Mowakils so that i can help people around me.

My only intention is to help people and serve people!

I havent tried it earlier but yes i do Wird of Naade Ali.

Please let me know the procedure of doing AMAL of Aytul Kursi and to get help from Mowakil.

Anonymous said...

I live in new york city.
I like to know few things , if you dont mind me answering to my question.

i found under Types of moakils u meant about moakil Qudsi that only a wali allah can contact them.
I like to know more about wali allah.
who are there.
Meaning how long does it take to become wali allah. 7 years 40 years etc.
also what do a person do to become wali allah. meaning reading quran all the time or what.
also how can i find one wali allah. that is one real wali allah not someone who act like them.
Please guide me .
It would be great if u have a number to get in touch if you .
I would love to talk to u over the phone.
Thank you for your times, reading and answering my question.

Anonymous said...

Wali is someone who is himself friend and obedient to ALLAH and Rasul (May peace be upon him) and also in whose company one becomes nearer to ALLAH and his Rasul(May peace be upon him).

If you meet a person after whose company, your heart becomes soft and you become inclined to prayers and refrain from bad actions, it means you have found a Wali of ALLAH.

As far as becoming a Wali is concerned, one can be Wali only by following the footsteps of Rasul(May peace be upon him) in the 'Company/guidance' of a Shaikh/Wali. The guidance is required because devils never let anyone become obedient to ALLAH.

Anonymous said...

TO become a Wali,Allah one should meet a Wali ,Allah and become his student(Mureed) and follow his footsteps.He will show an easy and a quick path which will lead u very close to Allah and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W).And dont get in this mokeleen or jinnat stuff. when u will start doing lots of zikr and prayers ,these thing will automatically come to u.Regard Muhammad AIi.

hussain said...

sir I want to have noorani angels of the soorahs and the huroof and isme-azam.please teach me amliyaat

Wasay said...


Amel Saheb my name is Wasay i am from hyderabad i went through the blog that u wrote it was quite informative and helpful,

Amel saheb i am in a very bad stage none of my works are fulfilled and when i am at the urge of finishing any thing it fails most of the time i am depressed and feel like killing my self,i keep shouting and people and feel like hitting them i dont know what comes in between every good thing that i plan to do either gets rejected or goes nullified thought i am very particular about haram and halal and keep praying , day by day i am becoming poorer and poorer i hardly have money left on me i don't even find job, or any job that i take goes away in 2 to 3 months nobody in my family is happy and we are all depressed at home. I need your suggestion to what i should do to overcome this bad luck. any i have few questions to your blog

Question 1:- Surah Fateha Mokill does it harm us by anyway?

2) On your website you told that adat nikal na padta what does it mean and do i have to do that?

3) What if i miss listining that recording any day out of 40days does the mokel harm me or anyone to my family?

4) What things should be kept in mind before doing this and things to be done?

5) Can it be told to anyone else before or after doing this?

6) What could be a possible sideeffect of doing this?

Saheb kindly suggest me before i go mad i would really be glad and thankful to you. Waiting for your reply

Assalamwaleku, Jazakallah qair.

kaleem said...

Asalamalikum i am kaleem from hyderabad INDIA

can u plz provide me the amal for Alwi jamali muwakkil , plz help me i need ur permission

i will be very thank full to you

i am wating for ur reply

Allha hafiz plz remember me in ur prayers


Anonymous said...

I am a little rohani amil of ya qeharu. my mokeal doesn,t physically
work for me. which can work physically work for me jin ya mokeal. plz
tell me any kind of rohani wazifa for physical jinnat or mokeals. thanks

Anonymous said...

salam bahi dushman ko tabah karne k liye kon se surah sy help hoti hai

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