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Friday, January 6, 2012

Types of moakils

Assalam oalaikum,
There are many types of mowakkil but i am writing only five types of moakils-
Moakil alwi jamali-Taking help from them is comparatively easier. As a rule they help only those who are the followers of Islam and those who follow the Sunnah of our Prophet (s.a.w). However, these two conditions can also fall short if the person is not extremely kind and generous. In a nutshell, they help only those momins who apart from being staunch followers of Islam also do a lot of social service and help the poor and needy.
Moakil alwi jalai- Moakil alwi jalali possess an in-built fire element. Taking help from them is a Herculean task. The amil has to perform both types of abstinence i.e. tark-e-jalali and jamali to appease them. These moakils are not gentle as moakil alwi jamali. A single mistake on the part of the amil can enrage them. So a lot of precaution is required. You all might have noticed that some amils are very hot-tempered and get infuriated at the slightest provocation or irritation. This is because such amils performs amals of the jalali moakils. So this also affects their temperament. Moakil alwi jalali are much more powerful than moakil alwi jamali.
Moakil Qudsi- These types of moakils are very powerful and the inaccessible. Taking help from them is out of question for any amil because they are too powerful to be controlled by amils and formidable as well. Moakil Qudsi is a kind of moakil alwi and only the Buzurgs and Wali-Allah can deal with them. This is because the Buzurgs keep fasts till days together and they are not sinful like ordinary mortals. Hence, these powerful moakils obey only such Buzurgs.
Souls living in Alam-e Barzaq- These are the departed souls of very spiritual and kind people who exist in Alam-e barzaq in a state of Noor or light. These souls can appear before human beings but it is not possible for ordinary mortals to take their help. These souls can help only Buzurgs.
Mohtaroon- Very powerful amils can take help from the Mohtaroons. These mohtaroons exist in a spiritual form.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

:) beautiful knowledge :) good thank

Unknown said...

i have moving shadow in my home brother ,does not harm do aything but can be seen some times ,what shall i do

Unknown said...

i have a shadow in my home .what shall i do my bother

Anonymous said...

have faith in Allah,....

Anonymous said...

Pray Tahjjud and ask help from Allah,send salutations to prophet Muhammed s.a.w ,pray fives times daily,be clean,help your parents,love them,recite darood daily ,recite quran paak daily,.............................

Anonymous said...

very nice thank you for clarification.. on moakils.

Can you also let us know how do we take help from them.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get help from them I know it is but how? Is there anything to read? Or anything like that you know?

spiritualadmirer said...

Asalam alikum
Admin plz guide me ..Does the presence of a muwakkil causes coolness in the surroundings or makes a person feel slightly cold n shiver once a while.? is it a sign of presence of a muwakkil?

Anonymous said...

Asalam alikum
Sir can u tell me if presence of muwakil makes one feel cold or makes one shiver?

Unknown said...

Alikum Asalam from Almaty Kazakhstan! Is it true that moakkilos are associated with Sufis? And can they steal and influence shaitans and other genies of violators? Can moaccles be used in exorcism - the expulsion of genies from humans? And is it true that Moakkili are hierarchically superior to genies and especially demons and can influence or punish demons and genies?

hal sahih 'ana almueqil mrtbt bialsuwfiiyna? wahal ymkn 'an yasraquu wayuthirun ealaa alshaytaniiyn waghayrihim min jayinat almukhalifina? hal ymkn aistikhdam moaccles fi tard al'arwah alsharirat - tard aljayanat min albushra? wahal sahih 'ana Moakkili mutfawq harmia ealaa aljayinat wakhasat alshayatin wayumkin 'an tuathir 'aw taeaqub alshayatin waljaynat?

shukraan lak

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