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Friday, January 6, 2012

why the angels referred to as moakkils?

Assalam oalaikum,
The term moakil is a jargon of amalyaat. The amils use the word moakil instead of angel, which are the supernatural creation of Allah. The angels are invisible to us yet belief in their existence is fundamental to Islamic. The angels obey the commands of Allah only and if a person leads his life according to the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) then these angels come to that pious person.
The angels have been created from Divine light or Noor. This makes them flawless and sinless. They worship Allah assiduously and are so powerful that they cannot be brought under anyone else’s control besides Allah, their creator. However, if a person follows Islam in the true sense, then the angels themselves come to such a pious person.
There is a misconception amongst people that like the genies (jins) the moakil angels can also be brought under control and can be caught in a bottle. The latter are too powerful to become a slave of an amil. They can accomplish even the most herculean tasks on the command of Allah. However, they merely assist the amils in their good deeds.
The angels are also known as Alwi moakils because they assist those who do kind deeds.
The Alwi moakils do not help any amil until and unless he moulds his life strictly according to the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad ( Once the moakils find that the amil is strictly adhering to the tenets of Islam then they get appeased and approach the amil themselves.

here is fatwa about mokil


SALAMALAIKUM..Yeh Mokil kia hota hai jo keh wasaif perhnay say ajata hai..JINN..MALAIKAA AND MOHKIL MEIN KIA FARAQ HOTA HAI..ahsaan urdu mein batayga...and kaisay pata chalta hai keh mohkil aagaya hai pass..


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Anonymous said...

why Moakkils create obstacles in Human Life if any one recite too much Quran and read Tasbeeh every time let say any human read some verse all time then Moakkils create obstacles in their life ..

Anonymous said...

kindly tell me the procedure of having mouqillat

Anonymous said...

Because moakils get energy from what u recite and it start to creat obstacle when u don give hadiya " Sadqa" for specific wazifa every month like meat aur rice.. if u give hadiya every month u will see obstacles will be finished and they will be more protecting and loyal to u..And u need to be pure every time...

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