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Friday, January 6, 2012

the effective amal of Surah Al-Anaam

Assalam oalaikum,
The Surah Al-Anaam amal is also an easy and safe amal. The moakil governing this surah is named Zaleal. If any person wants to have his legitimate wishes fulfilled by the help of Zaleal, then all he has to do is to follow the same simple steps as mentioned in the above posts. The duration of this amal is from 4-40 days. In order to perform this amal successfully it is important to offer namaz punctually and in case of a male, he should offer the namaz in a mosque.
The Surah Al-Anaam recording can be downloaded from here:

The complete instructions can be read here:surah fateha mokils

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zuber13 said...

Salaam Amel Sahab. Surah tu Waqiyah ke Mokil ka recitation kya hai aur surahtul waqiya ke mokil ka naam kya hai? JazaakAllah khair

zubair said...

Salaam Alim Sahab,
I have one thro all the article of yours regarding amal and mokils, MashaAllah you got very good knowledge.. and I pray to Allah that your knowledge increase day by day.Ameen.. I just want to know the names of all Mokils of Quran each and every surah.. Can you please provide me so that when ever I read surah I will use that mokils name

JazaakAllah khair

Anonymous said...

as salam o alikum!
i have 2 questions..
1) you have mentioned ilme mokelat on internet. can i have some knowledge about mokel of sura ikhlas (Qul ho Allah) or can i have its permisstion or any specific procedure. and if not so kindly tell me why bcz i love this sura and i used to recite it all the time.
2) these amal are for 40 days you have mentioned... so what about females? how can they do it if there is any exception...

May Allah bless you with Jaza e khair...

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,


Your advise is good. Please give me permission for Surah Fatiha Mukawakal.

Due to medical problem I to wake up in night for urination.

It distrub my sleep and might be it will distrub my aamal for dur fatheha.

please advise

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your reply,i wanted to perform the surah yasin mowakal,i have prepared for everything except for one thing a white unstitched prayer mat.Is it okay if i use a white unstitched cloth as my carpet? I plan to start this coming month,pls can i have permission to do it?

abdullah said...

Assalam o Alaikum sir! i have read your columns on google about spiritual knowledge, actually i want to gain muwakkils for good deeds, can u plzzzz help me in this regard?? you are an experienced scholar,plzz guide me and give me a zikar through which i can achieve my good ambition

VMAN said...

Dear brother
Aasalaamualikum wa rehmatuallah he wa barakatuhu. My name is rashid mohd and i am from india. I newly reverted to islam alhamdulillah. I am a little confused as some people say ask Allah only for help and sone say you can ask mokils to help you. Allah said is surah al baqrah to only ask help from Allah amd those who ask others will burn in fire. My problem is a muslim falsely framed me in a legal tangle and he also robbed me of of my entire life savings. He is also doing sepjli kom on me.
Please guide me as to how i should come out of thus situation.
I am also stuck to marry a muslim lady from uk. I am burdened with acute poverty and also have issues for visa for uk.
Please please brother help me in this situation.
My email is

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