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Friday, January 6, 2012

how to seek help from the Surah Fateha maokkils

Assalam oalaikum
I am posting an easy amal of Surah Fateha which does not require jalali or jamaali abstinence. This amal does not have the risk of facing rajat. Anybody can perform this amal easily. If a person wishes to have his legitimate wishes fulfilled by the moakils of Surah Fateha then he should follow these simple steps:
Start sleeping in a separate room on a clean bed after performing wazu.
Light an incense stick
Play this recording on your mobile, MP3 player etc throughout the night in an auto-repeat mode.
The volume should be low yet audible.
Stop the recording on waking up in the morning.
The duration of this amal is from 4-40 days.
As the days pass by, the moakils of this amal become familiar with the amil and they start appearing in the amil’s dreams.

The signs of moakils appearing in the amil’s dreams:
Buzurgs, i.e. men having a white beard can be seen in the dream. The beard can be black too. Sometimes the moakils appear in the form of a young Qari or Imam of mosques. If the amil sees such dreams then it means that the Surah Fateha moakils have started giving a positive response.
Holy shrines (mazaars), mostly of green color, can be seen in dreams.
Seeing oneself in Khana- e- Kaaba.
Seeing oneself or someone else offering namaz.
Seeing a mosque in the dreams or seeing one self offering namaz in a mosque. If you see such a dream in which you are standing behind an Imam and offering namaz along with hordes of people then this is a good sign. It basically implies that thousands of moakils are pleased with you and they have decided to help you. If there is a good setting between you and the moakils then you may get the privilege of offering namaz in Khana-e- Kaaba in your dream.
The amil may smell rose fragrance emanating from his body.
Seeing people clad in white shalwar qameez in one’s dreams
Seeing Quran Paak or hearing its recitation or seeing someone reciting Quran Paak.
Feeling happy in life.
Mellowing down in real life.
Feeling a sense of love towards Allah ta’la and his Nabi (s.a.w)

If a person who is under a magic spell performs this amal then he needs to have a strong will power. In black magic cases the amal may take a long time because satan tries his level best to prevent the amil from completing the amal successfully. The satan may try to disrupt the amal hence the amil should have a strong determination.
If the amil starts seeing things such as nude people or filthy things such as excreta, urine etc in his dreams then it means that satan has succeeded in disrupting the amal. Sometimes satan appears in the guise of buzurgs, i.e holy people clad in white clothes and having a white beard. However, satan can be recognized easily as he cannot hide his vital organs and they are always visible. The second sign of satan appearing in dreams of the amil is that his face always appears to be dark.
If the amil dreams of real buzurgs that it means that he has got success. Even if buzurgs start appearing in your dreams it is advisable to complete the amal till 40 days. Play the recording every night till 40 days.
After completing the amal successfully (in 40 days) if the amil needs some help from the moakils then he should play the recording till 2-3 hours and pray to Allah. For example: Oh Allah! Please provide me with a good job. Inshallah Allah will fulfill your desire through the moakils of Surah Fateha. Likewise, you can take help from these moakils by playing the Surah Fateha recording for every legitimate need. You may have to play the recording daily till your wish is granted. Avoid praying for any illegitimate needs otherwise you may have to face drastic consequences.
If an amil does not see any of the above mentioned signs of moakils in his dreams then he should complete the 40 day amal and then pray to Allah. Sometimes the moakils do not appear in dreams but they help the amil on the command of Allah.
Note: Do not command the moakils to talk to you directly or appear before you in person. Doing so involves a lot of risk and it also requires a lot of conditions of the moakils to be fulfilled. So take help from them as directed in this post.

Download surah fateha mokel recitationsurah fateha mokel recitation.mp3

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Anonymous said...

to amel sonam
agar amal k douran sheytany cheejey dikhey tabb bhy amal jari rakhna padtha hain....
please jawab de..

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel Sonam
I have heard of 3 , 40 days ritual of surat fathia
to invoke moakill angels.i have not tried this out
yet no exp.

Do you think it is safe.

Anonymous said...

Dear mr.Amel sonam
i have tried to do a mukhaal ritual ( mirror ritual)
for 40 days with out any success .i work shifts and could not do it at the same time each night.
I have heard of 3 surat fathia rituals for 40 days
one is morning ritual other is in grave yard at night.
Are these safe rituals. Because of my shifts i can
not do any.
Are there any other rituals.
Your help will be appriected.

Unknown said...

if dont have any private room what have to do

Unknown said...

salam alikoum
i dont have a private room can i do the sourate fateha muwakkils
can you contacte me please i need your advice
allah protect you

Anonymous said...

can you tell me what is the probelm with me?

Anonymous said...

Tell me how to contact u

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